Cirque Energy Inc.

Cirque Energy Inc. (formerly Green Energy Renewable Solutions) OTC QB: EWRL is a sustainable energy development company focused on distributed generation projects and waste stream optimization.
Their projects serve utilities, manufacturing and institutional clients.  The Company operates with long-term supply agreements to process waste materials into valuable recyclables and reduce waste volume going into landfills by up to 85%. Cirque Energy has developed a strategic plan to create sustainable, renewable energy with waste-to-energy power plants and the production of waste derived fuels. We primarily utilize a unique co-development business model to collaborate with clients to develop solutions to their long term energy needs.

Cirque Energy Inc. strives to be the acknowledged industry leader in the development of sustainable energy projects.  Cirque is an integrator of renewable and clean energy processes specializing in the development, verification, and implementation of technologies dedicated to conserving our natural resources and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.  In line with the company’s vision statement, we will achieve our goals by challenging the mind-sets and principles of the traditional thought processes relating to waste, waste management, and creating energy from clean or alternative fuels.  Our environmentally sustainable projects will deliver positive results now and for the foreseeable future; Right for now, and Right forever.

Gasification Technology

Their goal is to develop, build, and operate small to midsize renewable energy power plants that utilize low temperature, starved air gasification technology.They  work with techonology providers that have proven technology gasifiers to turn various types of biomass and carbon-based fuels into a clean energy source.


Gasification offers distinct advantages over traditional combustion of a fuel:


  • Feedstock flexibility – Gasification can produce energy from a wide variety of low-value carbon feedstocks such as woody biomass, energy crops, corn stover, agricultural wastes, and other waste materials. This flexibility increases the economic value of these resources and lowers costs by providing industry with a broader range of feedstock options, and thus lower and predictable energy pricing.
  • Near-zero emissions – Gasification systems can meet the new strictest environmental regulations pertaining to emissions of regulated pollutants, greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and toxic compounds.  Gasification by its very nature is a clean process, which when combined with the latest in air pollution control technology provides best-in-class technology to meet BACT requirements.
  • High efficiency – Gasification can be integrated into combined heat and power (CHP) systems using traditional boiler and turbine technology. The resulting systems are highly efficient, squeezing more value from each pound of feedstock. Systems using gasification with CHP and related components can achieve thermal efficiencies of over 60-70 percent, compared with an efficiency of less than 40 percent for conventional electric generating plants.


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