CrowdGather Inc. (OTCBB: CRWG) – Building Forum Based Communities

CRWG logoCrowdGather Inc. (OTCBB: CRWG) might appear undervalued when you consider their business potential. This operator of online forums specializes in building social and advertising networks, but their greatest asset is their user communities. CrowdGather holds some 70 different web properties with 300 domain names reserved. [BANNER]

It’s no secret that an IT business-focused company is all about the users. It might have no revenues but still sell for $1 billion; – Twitter is living proof. The company is still small in number of users when compared to giants like that, but 2.9 million is still quite an impressive number.

The company might have gotten a bit ahead of itself by going public without significant revenues and a questionable profitability business model. Having the large user count is very important, but sustaining it and more over making it profitable is a different matter.

Differently from Facebook or Twitter, which presented a totally new product, CrowdGather is working toward making the existing and proven communication method more attractive. Recently, the company launched RoamingThreads platform, which makes it possible for live picture updates on forums using a cell phone.

While the attractiveness of this company lies in the large user base that they’ve gathered, the threats lie in constant losses and no noticeable growth even when the company acquires additional capital. The lack of a profitable business model might leave this company only as an acquisition object if they don’t come up with a sound plan of revenue generation.



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