Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CLRH) – Only the Price is Running

CLRH_chart.pngClear-Lite Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CLRH) had a good run recently, but the company is left with questionably sustainable market cap.

Shares soared 17% over its three day emersion, though no updates were issued to provoke the move. The stock had been silently sticking around the $1 mark before the heat up. Interestingly enough, the increase in price was not followed by corresponding volume gains, which increased insignificantly – leaving out the idea of promotions.

The soaring share price brought CLRH market cap to $75 million, which appears exorbitant when considering their total assets barely comprise $682 thousand. Covering their constant losses from operations with borrowed money, the company didn’t prove any progress with their latest financial statement issue as well. [BANNER]

clear-lite_logo.jpgClear-Lite, operating in the green alternative lighting industry, attracts much attention for their questionable business management and shady operations. The investigational article by is an interesting read from nearly half a year ago. CLRH hasn’t made any significant progress since then.

Pointing to the past and looking for debentures to mature in the future:

  • The stock has lost around 50% of its value since the late 2009 run-up.
  • Share dilution has been over 17% since mid last year.
  • There are warrants and notes outstanding for purchase of another 6 million shares.

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