The CEO of Cephas Holding Corp. (PINK:CEHC) Suspected of "Cooking Up Another Stock Scam"

CEHC_chart.pngAnother promotional wave is gearing up in favour of Cephas Holding Corp. (PINK:CEHC). Currently evaluated at at least $10 thousand, it is expected to trigger another pump of CEHC stock. While such a move used to be bound to succeed in the past, a positive price movement of CEHC stock in the upcoming session can hardly be taken for granted given the circumstances.

According to an iHub poster, CEO Peter Klamka should have been sent to prison by now. As it is, his reputation has been irrevocably tarnished due to a string of illegal actions he has performed every once in a while. While some pink sheets managers do occasionally jump on either side of the law, Klamka seems to have crossed the line long time ago.

In a nutshell, Klamka was recently forced to pay $600 thousand to an investor who had fallen victim to fraud. With only $176 thousand in assets (as seen from the Q3 2010 report), it is evident that Mr. Klamka is practically unable to pay off his debt, even if he sacrificed his company. In fact, he should not take such extreme measures, when he can easily issue new stock and then hire promoters to pump it up. Obviously, this is the hidden motif behind the current advertising campaign, i.e to milk as much money as possible. [BANNER]

In a desperate attempt to soften up the negative impact on CEHC stock, the company issued two subsequent ‘bombastic’ corporate updates for the last two days. First, it revealed its new CephaX online platform for sales and communication. Then, another press release followed yesterday. The latter tackled the launch of a signature mobile app for Fedor Emelianenko, a famous Russian heavyweight mixed martial artist. The updates may sound promising, yet, neither of them has made for a huge price jump, at least for now. Instead, CEHC lost 6.7% on Monday, only to gain 7.1% yesterday on a record-low volume.

CEHC_logo.pngQuite surprisingly, in the light of all the facts, Cephas Holding Corp occupies one of the premier OTC market tiers. What is more, the company has already informed the SEC that it will not be able to file its annual 2010 report on time, which only suggests that its days on the OTCBB might be numbered.

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